Each box costs $25. We’ll be giving away $1,000 in awards broken down by quarter (see below). Due to high demand, number of boxes you can select will be limited to 5. Hurry before they are all gone.

Numbers (to fill in the question marks) will be randomly selected no later than around noon on Sunday. Winners will be highlighted throughout the game.

KC Chiefs
4 0 8 7 6 5 1 2 3 9
SF 49rs 4 D. R. Georgia T.O Brown Scott B Aida Voltaire T.O. D. R. D. R.
6 D. R. Englehart T.O. Voltaire Scott B Kaitlyn Schultz Georgia Noriega Jake C
3 Tyler D Ryan Patchen Natural Futia Cydney Rod Butler Georgia Hansen
5 RoseM Michelle Futia Schultz D Ryan Henrie Janaira Safree RoseM Brett C
2 T Rounds Noriega Ciano Ward Voltaire Landon Marc D. Raquel Raquel Patchen
7 Ziobro RoseM E Rounds Futia Butler Landon D Ryan Scott B Simek Justin
9 Califana Kaprusso Englehart Henrie Georgia D Ryan Natural Ripple Brown Butler
1 Califana Marc D. Scott B Butler Bohler Lynn C RoseM Ciano Santana Kayvan
8 Raquel Raquel Raquel Futia Simek Aida Voltaire Amber Hansen Kayvan
0 Futia Farina Cydney Natural Natural Scott B Ripple Amber Voltaire Schultz

Sold Out! Good luck everyone.

Numbers for the scores have been selected… Watch the videos on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HVGladiators

First Quarter: SF – 3, KC – 7 Winner: “The Natural”

Second Quarter: SF – 10, KC – 10 Winner: Farina

Third Quarter: SF – 20, KC – 10 (numbers moved per rule below to 1, 1) Winner: RoseM

Fourth Quarter: SF – 20, KC – 31 Winner: Ripple

Time left to buy a box









Boxes Remaining



How it works:

Once all the squares have been selected we will randomly generate numbers from 0-9 for each team in the football game and assign that number to a particular row or column. These numbers represent the last number in the score of each team. In other words, if the score is AFC 17 – NFC 14, then the winning square is the one with an AFC number of 7, and an NFC number of 4.

Important additional rule: The same box will not be allowed to win more than once. If a situation arises where the last numbers (on both sides) in the score is the same more than once, we will add 1 digit to EACH last number so that a different square is selected. For example, if at the end of the 1st Quarter the score is AFC 17 – NFC 14, then the winning square is the one with an AFC number of 7, and an NFC number of 4. If in the 2nd Quarter, the score hasn’t changed (i.e. still AFC 17 – NFC 14), we will adjust the final numbers, such that the winning square is the one with an AFC number of 8, and an NFC number of 5. This will give the opportunity for more boxes to win.

Winnings Breakdown for Squares

  • End of 1st Quarter: $200
  • End of 2nd Quarter: $250
  • End of 3rd Quarter: $200
  • End of Game: $350